Monday, February 21, 2011

Dogs: Smarter than the Average Human! news today had a film clip about a "conspiracy" not to recognize Alexander Hamilton's Presidency. It seems that some people think that he was a President, and there has been a conspiracy to cover up that fact. Although he is on the $10 bill, he was never a President. I know that some of the people did not think that history books can be trusted, but it is historical fact. When an event happened within the past 300 years, it is much harder for it to be clouded in mystery. Sure, you might get some erroneous information in a book about something that happened thousands of years ago, but I can guarantee that there would be a lot of people passing the information onto their children who would pass it onto their children. I have no doubt that there are some conspiracies in the world, but this was not a conspiracy at all, but just a bunch of humans who really aren't well informed on the subject of history. I might add that the ones who thought he invented the telephone are really misinformed. (That was Alexander Graham Bell.) He also did not take over the ancient world. I'm sure many people give him credit for that.

This dog thinks that the founding fathers, who originally only allowed property owning males to vote had the right idea. Sure, I think that everyone should be afforded the right to vote. However, I think that there should be some kind of national test to determine eligibility. That test should be for everyone--very much like a citizenship test for new citizens. Everyone should have the right to vote, but if a person is so uninformed that they don't know the basic facts about the government, I do think that it would be best if they didn't vote. I can only assume that this is why the humans are in charge. I think if only well informed humans and dogs could vote, that dogs would be in charge. No wonder the country has problems. Dogs don't stand a chance of being President because of all the misinformed humans!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs-Smarter than the Average Human)

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  1. Mom and I want The Peacemaker bakhk - sadly, he khan't -

    We are ready to watch Chris Matthews talk to him on MSNBC -

    Khyra With Some Fresh Snow In PA