Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to the Salt Mines

Some of the humans are always complaining about the United States government wasting tax dollars. I am quite sure that other governments probably waste money too, but I live in the United States so I mainly hear the people here complaining about it. Of course, some of the humans just like to hear themselves complain. They must think that roads pave themselves, schools cost no money to operate, and the police and firemen are volunteer workers. (NOTE: there are some fire departments that are manned by volunteers). I do understand that no one wants to see their hard earned money taken from them to be wasted, but there are lots of legitimate expenses. I also want to mention the times that the government has found creative ways to save the tax payers money. When it snows here in Michigan, salt is used to melt the snow so that people can travel on the roads better and safer. Salt does cost money even though Michigan does have salt available. It still costs money to pay people to get it out of he salt mines. I think there must be lots of workers in those mines because I've even heard the humans say that they are headed to work at the salt mine. Since they don't even work at a salt mine, my guess is that they have to put in some volunteer time in the mine to save money on taxes. I like to share stories of humans who have went above and beyond the call of duty to make the world a better place, and I have to put my paws together in applause for the humans who take their extra salt packets from places like McDonalds to the county to add to the salt trucks. I can only imagine the lines of humans waiting to drop their salt into the truck. These good citizens care about saving the county money. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the county saves $25.00 on the cost of salt for the winter season. I'm not so sure Ronald McDonald is happy about it because the salt packets probably cost him $50.00, but he should be pleased. With that kind of money, the humans can buy several meals.

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