Friday, February 18, 2011

The World Needs to Have Dogs in Charge

This dog wants to go on record as supporting the labor unions for the public workers in Wisconsin. I notice that whenever a company or a government is in financial trouble, they want to blame their mistakes on their employees. However, in the state of Wisconsin, according to what I read, the state has a deficit of 3.6 billion dollars and the concessions that they want from the union will save them 300 million dollars. I know that 300 million will help, but it sounds like only the tip of the iceberg to me. Who is actually responsible for the state not having enough money? Isn't that the fault of the people running the state, which is the legislature who is blaming the unions? Sure, I know that there is a recession, and many states are not getting the tax dollars they once received, but the working people are the ones who spend their money on survival. The rich humans at the top are the ones who can hoard their money because they don't need it. In addition, I did not see one item in the news about any of the people in the legislature wanting to cut their salaries even though they are essentially the one who spent the money that shouldn't have been spent. It seems to this dog that particularly in a recession, the best thing to do to get out of it is to make sure people are working and earning money. I'm sure most of the unions will be willing to make concessions if asked--the auto workers have done it when the companies are in financial trouble, but they agreed to it--it was not forced on them.

Unions aren't perfect. In fact, very little in this world is perfect because it is being run by humans. I still wonder why dogs aren't running things, but I think it is because if we were in charge, things would be so much better that it would make the humans fell like utter failures. The thing that bothers me is the lack of simple common sense among the humans. (I like to call it common dog sense.) If unions didn't exist, many of the humans working at jobs that don't have unions wouldn't make as much. The employers do have to compete in the labor market, and if you think the companies want to pay their employees more, I have a non evil bird I want to sell you. It is an employers job to pay as little as necessary. Sure, there are some that are more generous than others, but basically, they watch the profit margin and that is their bottom line. This is why so many jobs are being outsourced from the United States to other countries. I don't like this because, in my opinion, they are taking jobs away from people here and they are taking unfair advantage of other countries citizens, which often ends up resulting in resentment and even war. There are some humans who will never have enough money. They can have more money than they could ever spend, and it still won't be enough--and these are the humans who are usually rich and in charge. If you think they are watching out for their fellow humans, you are mistaken. I still say that the world would be a better place with dogs in charge. We don't worry about accumulating stuff. We just want food, treats, some toys, a tummy rub, and we are happy. We know what is important in life. The humans really don't understand what the important things in life really are which is probably why so many of them are unhappy.

Demon Flash Bandit (Talking Common Dog Sense)

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  1. Oh DFB -

    We would get along so furry well -

    I hear so many of those words from my mom all the time!

    I vote we send some cheese to the WI D's in khase they didn't pakhk enough fur their trek to IL!