Friday, February 25, 2011

Investment Advice

Many dogs have written and asked me for advice about investments. This is normal when you are a highly successful dog such as myself. I am glad to share my advice with other dogs. One of the most important rules for investment is to diversify. If you stick with one investment, you run the risk of losing everything if it doesn't do well. This isn't just advice from me. Most financial experts suggest diversification.

I also think you should invest in companies that make products that you feel are good products. My own "portfolio" is fully diversified, and it includes only products worthy of my endorsement. This is why I am invested in Burger King, Dingo bones, Milkbones, dog toys, Yummy Chummies, Beggin' Strips, and various other products too numerous to mention. The best thing about my "portfolio" is that it has nothing to do with Wall Street. My "portfolio" is scattered throughout the house or it is in my tummy. That is what I call the best investments. You can enjoy them. Some of the humans invest in "stock" which is just stupid paper that isn't good to eat and you can't play with it. I think my investments are more practical and enjoyable.

On a separate subject, I would call the governor of Wisconsin a doodyhead, but quite frankly, that is an insult to doody.

Demon Flash Bandit (Investment Advice)

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  1. Fur sure on the 'govenor' of The GRATE Cheese State -

    Mom and I had to chukhkle at the R leader interviewed on MSNBC Thursday night - he just didn't get it -

    So glad we do -