Friday, August 27, 2010

Rescue Me Should Be About Dog and Cat Rescue

Mommy is watching another season of Rescue Me--I think it is season 5, and this show makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do they call a show "rescue" and have no dogs on it that need homes? Most of us dogs know that there are lots of rescue groups out there, and most of them are rescuing dogs and cats. There has been a dog on the show a couple of times, but that dog should have been in every episode. I think they rescued a cat once, but that was one cat in 5 years. If you ask me, most rescues have a better track record than that-and if they don't, they aren't good rescues, and would not deserve their own television show.

I like Denis Leary, but he is playing the handsome leading man, but as I'm sure that all my readers will agree, he is no Demon Flash Bandit. If you want a face that will make girls swoon, you need an actor like me, Demon Flash Bandit. Sure, humans can have blue eyes, but how many people really notice them like they do when a dog like myself has blue eyes? I can just look at humans, and they notice me because of my eyes. I am also strong, and muscular, and I look good in my fur. I also have adorable black freckles on my nose. Does Denis Leary have adorable black freckles on his nose? I think not!

I know that the show is okay from the human perspective. Humans will never have the high standards that us dogs have. I hope that someday, Denis will realize that he needs fewer humans and more dogs on the show. I'm sure that would improve the show tremendously. Until then, Mommy will continue to watch--it doesn't take much to amuse the humans.

Demon Flash Bandit (My Review of Rescue Me)

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  1. I'll khover the brown eyed beaWOOty role!