Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quiznos: Providing Work for Unemployed Cats

Unemployment is a hard thing to live with. It is hard enough for the humans to find new jobs, but when you are an unemployed cat, the job hunt is much more difficult. This is why I was pleased to see the Quiznos ad that has the singing cats. Those cats used to be in the musical, Cats, but are now out of work. Sure, some cast members can go on to land even better jobs, but there really isn't a lot of work for cats. It is the same for the Phantom of the Opera. How many job openings do you see for Phantoms? When these shows can no longer employ these cast members, they face a life of unemployment and sometimes even homelessness. This dog thinks that the large amount of cats at animal shelters can be traced back to them losing them jobs in the show, Cats. Yes, life in the entertainment industry is difficult, and not everyone can achieve the success that I have achieved. Some pets just don't have the natural talent that some of us were lucky enough to be born with. However, that does not mean these animals can't do other jobs. There are plenty of jobs for pets even if it is just making their humans feel loved. Quiznos has gotten some criticism for using the cats--some of the humans do not like the cats commercial, but I say thanks Quiznos for employing so many out of work cat actors. You are one cool chain, and if you send over a sandwich, I will eat it, and let my readers know if it is delicious. I can't say that if I haven't tried one. I'll be home for the rest of the day. I'm waiting for my sandwich!

Demon Flash Bandit (Happy For Now Employed Cats)

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