Friday, August 6, 2010

I Saw a UFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my blog was about the shooting of Bear Bear, a Siberian Husky, who was playing in a dog park in Maryland. Today the first step in justice was achieved, the policeman who shot Bear Bear's name is Keith Shephard. Keith spent 2 tours in Iraq, and came home to be a a federal police officer, and is walking around with a gun when he is off duty--talk about a time bomb! Daddy spent a year in combat in VietNam, and he never felt the need to walk around in the United States with a gun to protect him, and Daddy lived in Detroit. Detroit is a place where many of the non veteran humans feel the need to carry guns. I think judging from Keith's behavior in this incident, he has some mental problems and should be getting some help. However, all gun privileges for this man should be taken away. No one who grabs a gun as the first line of action should be carrying a gun. If you ask this dog, many of the humans who want guns the most are the ones who should be carrying them the least. Anyway, this is the first step in justice for Bear Bear. Evidently, at least one of Keith's neighbors thought he was a loose cannon. It is a shame that society often doesn't do anything about these humans until they hurt another human or animal.

As my regular readers are aware, I normally do not have a sad blog, and today is no exception. Today's topic is about UFOs. These objects are so important that many television documentaries have been made about them. The humans are always reporting seeing them, and have many theories as to why they are here. Perhaps they are here to grab humans to mate with them. I can understand that reason--have you seen the photos of the giant headed aliens? I would want to find someone better looking if I were them too. Perhaps they are here to get our natural resources. Did they come here to see Observe and Report so they will have something to compare their bad movies with? Some theorize that humans are their descendants, and they are coming here to check up on them. Some think they are here to keep humans from destroying themselves. Perhaps they just invented probes and want to have some humans on which to use the probes.
I have to report that this dog saw a UFO yesterday, and I don't want anyone to think I was drunk (I usually only drink water and the occasionally frozen root beer) or crazy, but I went outside last night and I witnessed a UFO with my own two blue eyes. It was a routine night outside. I went out to water the shrubs and trees because they depend on me to keep them watered. Then I looked up and there it was: it was furry and had king of a long nose and it almost sounded like a dog. However, it was definitely a UFO---Unidentified Furry Object. I am not sure if they came from another planet or not, but I think they did judging from their looks because dogs on Earth do not look like them. Luckily for me, research has been done on this subject, and some of the humans have found answers to some of the questions. I found a nature book with a photo that looks like the UFO I saw. I have no idea what planet it originates from, but it is called a porcupine so it must come for the Porcucanis planet which is in a far off galaxy. Studying space is interesting. I hope that someday I will meet a dog from Sirius, the Dog Star. I'm sure we would have a lot of fun playing together.

Until tomorrow.........

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Saw UFO)

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