Sunday, August 8, 2010

Junk Yard

I just heard of a cool place that has this dog super excited. Did you know that there is a place called a junk yard that sounds like a fun place for a dog? When stuff becomes "junk", the humans throw it away, and all us dogs know that garbage is among the most interesting stuff on the planet. What dog would not want to spend his time rummaging around checking out all the cool items that the silly humans wanted to throw away? I have seen my humans throw out things that, when I tell other dogs about it, they are incredulous. Why would a human throw that out? Yes, that is what I always here from my pals. No self respecting dog would ever throw away such treasures. I think junk yards mainly deal in car garbage, but I could jump into an old car and sit behind the steering wheel and pretend I am driving which is always fun. It would also be cool to stick my head out of the window, and have a fan strategically placed so that the wind blows my fur. It is like having the joy of riding without having to actually go anywhere. I have to go now. I am going to get the phone book and see where the nearest junk yard is around here. A junk yard is just too much fun for a dog to pass up. By the way, I know dogs love them because some dogs live there and are called "junk yard dogs". What a lucky group of dogs they are.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Junk Yards)

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