Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Captain Demon Flash Bandit

I overheard my humans talking about taking a cruise so, naturally, I was a bit curious as to what a cruise on a boat would be like. From what I found in my research, I can only say "ahoy mates, and shiver me dingo bones, I'm ready to go on a cruise". There are many cruise lines from which to choose, but I personally would recommend Salty Sam's Pirate Cruise in Fort Myers, Florida. When you go on this cruise, you will become a pirate, and you will sail on the ship, Pieces of Eight. Pieces of Eight is a replica of a Spanish galleon, and you will sail around the Gulf of Mexico pillaging and plundering, and generally scaring the fish. This is a lot more difficult that it sounds because, thanks to BP and their oil spill, fish do not scare as easily as they used to so you have to work harder to scare them. I assume that this cruise is for humans, but I can dress in clothing, and the humans will never know that I'm a dog. I can speak human, and they will just think I'm better looking that the average humans on the ship. If I dress as Capt. Jack Sparrow, they might think I'm Johnny Depp, but of course, they will be telling me how much more handsome I am in person. Little would they know I would be "in dog". Yes, I am so clever. I'm sure I would be promoted to Captain Demon Flash Bandit before the voyage is over. No human would ever suspect that I'm a dog. I wonder if we are going to go and find some treasure or maybe that fountain of youth mentioned in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I think that fountain would be a nice thing to find because my human Mommy is getting really old and could use some of that special water.

Anyway, if you hear your humans planning a cruise, make sure you tell them about the pirate cruises. If they aren't planning a cruise, book one for yourself. A dog can use a fun vacation too.

Demon Flash Bandit (Pirate Dog)

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