Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bacon Prices Up, Burger King Sales Down: Bad News!

I was looking over the news today, and this dog is not happy. Most of the news articles were not good from this dog's point of view. Bacon is going up in price which means that a dog will get less bacon for his money--definitely not good news. Burger King sales are down. I plan to have BK for dinner to do my part to help them gain back their sales quota. Borders sales are down. I suspect that their sales would improve if more humans learned to read. Perhaps Borders and the other big book stores should look to the future, and spend some money making sure kids learn to read when they are young. I might add that it probably does not help Borders that most of the humans hang out there and read the books and once they have read the book, they put it back on the shelf and don't bother to buy it--not exactly a smart marketing ploy. When Mommy was a kid, drugstores used to get onto kids for reading comic books in the store. Borders puts in chairs and tables to encourage it. They could learn a few lessons in marketing from the old grouchy pharmacists.

My final comment on the news involves the humans in the tea party---add sugar. I think they would be a lot happier with the addition of sugar. Too many people in my area drink unsweetened tea, and I think it makes them grouchy. With some sugar added to the tea, perhaps they would not have made sure their members knew to avoid "unsafe" areas of Washington DC. Of course, I'm sure that some neighborhoods are safer than others, but I know that their definition of unsafe is that they might meet someone who doesn't agree with them. I think meeting people of different view points is a good thing. I suppose that is why there aren't any dogs in the tea party. We enjoy meeting new humans, and we don't tend to get into silly arguments over anything other than food and toys.

Demon Flash Bandit (News Commentary)

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  1. That's why we preFUR khoffee!

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