Sunday, August 22, 2010

Schmitty, The Weather Dog

In my area, when a human wants to find out what the weather report will be, he or she would have to depend on humans to get that information. However, the lucky humans in the New York/Rhode Island area can get that information from Schmitty, the weather dog. Schmitty is a Yorkie whose human, Ron Trotta, is a meterologist. He says that Schmitty telepathically tells him what the weather will be. Finally a human who admits that his job title is dependent on his dog. Most humans will never admit that. I suppose they are afraid if they do, then they will lose their job and their dog will replace them. You have to admit that it is a viable worry for them. All us dogs know that our humans would be lost without us, but finally a human with the courage to admit that fact. This dog wants to say that it is about time a human gave his dog credit where credit is due, and I'm sure Schmitty is happy to have his human help him by interpreting his thoughts. Some of us dogs have learned human, but most dogs don't want to bother learning an inferior language. We prefer dog over all other languages. I do have to tell you that most dogs make the chihuahuas slow down. They start yapping, and they have a problem with speaking dog slow enough for the rest of us. Most of us dogs are much more laid back then chihuahuas. My theory is that because they are so small, they have more to "prove". Anyway, Schmitty, all us dogs are proud of your accomplishments, and I hope to read more stories about humans admitting their dogs' accomplishments on the Internet.

Demon Flash Bandit (Saluting Schmitty, the Weather Dog)

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