Sunday, August 29, 2010

Laundry Room For the Dogs

The house I live in has an entire room that is called a laundry room. The room has a washing machine, a clothes dryer, and some cabinets and shelves. Angel Zoom Smokey told me about it. I have yet to enter that room. I seldom go into the kitchen, and you have to go through the kitchen to get to it. Daddy warned me about venturing into the kitchen. If you go into that room, you might be put to work so I rarely go there. Angel Zoom Smokey does go into the kitchen on occasion, and she has visited the laundry room so I get my information from her. She says it would be a nice room in which to store our toys, and there is a door that leads outside to the deck. She said that it is such a wasted space as it is now, because we both think that there is really no good reason for washing clothing. Just think of all the money that could be saved if the humans just bought a new outfit and wore it until it was ready for the trash bin without washing it. It would have lots of interesting smells for us dogs, and it would free up an entire room in most houses for the dogs to enjoy. It could be a doggy sitting room where we can go when we need a break from the humans. Putting a television in the room would make it possible to entertain our friends in that room. Angel says that she envisions a nice paw print wallpaper with bones placed throughout, and if they don't make it, she will put pawprints and draw bones on the wall herself. I think this is a brilliant plan, and home builders should start calling laundry rooms doggy rooms, and market their home plans with the more "up to date" doggy approved ideas. Better yet, they need to hire some doggy consultants to give them suggestions like this. It would give them the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Demon Flash Bandit (No One NEEDS a Laundry Room)

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  1. I totally agree with you on this. Humans waste so much money and time on stupid stuff. My Human is especially stupid. She has my and Rooie's boxes in the stupid laundry room! It would be so much better if those cleaning machines were gone.