Monday, August 23, 2010

Pepsi Marketing Research

Because of my reputation as a dog with excellent taste, and also because my blog is so important on the Internet, I am often given advanced knowledge of products that will be on the market soon. It is a company's way of "testing the marketability" of a product. The latest company to approach me was Pepsi. They have some new ideas for soft drinks that they plan to put on the shelves if the "test" does well. This is a serious compliment to my readers because you are on the leading edge of marketing just by reading my blog.

I can understand why Pepsi is so concerned. If anyone remembers that little fiasco when they introduced Crystal Pepsi, you will understand that not all new products do well. Coke had the same issues with New Coke years ago. I don't know how Mint Pepsi will go over. I think Pepsi should have sent some samples, but I suppose if you like mint, and I do, it might be worth a try. Perhaps the mint will drown out the flavor of the Pepsi.

There are other flavors under consideration, and since they asked me to help with their market research, I will mention them so that the humans can think about them, and possibly let Pepsi know if they sound delicious so that they can consider marketing them to the masses. I will also tell you my opinion after each one for those of you of the human persuasion who will admit that dogs have better taste.

I personally do not think that Chicken Gizzard flavor will sell well. I have the same opinion of Liver Pepsi, Cottage Cheese Pepsi, Head Cheese Pepsi, McPepsi (this one is in collaboration with McDonalds and has thousand island dressing added), and Pepper Pepsi. Just because you can add the taste of a food item does not mean that it is a good plan.

There are more that are being considered: Booger Pepsi, Wood Chip Pepsi, Dirt Pepsi, Brain Pepsi, Sewer Pepsi, Blood Pepsi (that one is marketed for Twilight fans), Dog Fur Pepsi (sounds good to me), Mold Pepsi, Leprechaun Pepsi (don't ask me how they managed to catch the little guys), Methadone Pepsi (they are hoping to get a lot of return purchases on that one), and my least favorite of the group, Colonoscopy Pepsi.

There is also a plan to re-issue Crystal Pepsi but changing the name to Ink Pepsi since the Ink will give it color, and they think maybe they can get people to try it again if they don't realize it is Crystal Pepsi.

These will be issued first in regular and then in diet if they do well. This is just another item for dieters to look forward to tasting, and chances are, it will taste just as good as most other diet foods on the market.

I know these are exciting flavors, and many of my readers will look forward to trying them, but this dog plans to stick with Coca Cola. There is a reason it is number 1 in the soft drink world.

Demon Flash Bandit (Doing Marketing Research)


  1. I don't let Mom drink much soda any more BUT she does wish they'd bring bakhk Pepsi Kona


  2. Wooos! I like both coke and pepsi as long as it has some jack daniels in it and left on the dock fur me to enjoy...
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful