Monday, August 9, 2010

Jennifer Anniston Does Not Look Like Mrs. Potato Head

Today this blog is being written because there is a really silly debate going on in this house. It seems Mommy watched The Bounty Hunter and said that Jennifer Anniston is beautiful. It seems that many of the humans agree with Mommy so that should be a safe subject. However, Jeff does not think she is beautiful. He says she reminds him of Mrs. Potato Head because of her nose. He brought in Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story 3 to illustrate his point. (Perhaps the saddest part of this blog is that Jeff actually owns a Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story 3.) Mommy claims that she could see no resemblance whatsoever to Jennifer Anniston and Mrs. Potato Head. Frankly, this dog didn't see it either, but I was enjoying the argument too much to get involved. Besides, sometimes taking sides with the humans can affect the amount of treats a dog receives and I don't mess with my treat supply. Jeff pointed out that Jennifer Anniston and Mrs. Potato Head had the same nose. Then that sent Mommy on a tirade about how when she was young, Mr. Potato Head had more than one nose to choose from and different mouths. She said he didn't come with an actual potato so you had to get one from your mother which meant that an entire generation of youth were told that they couldn't just come in anytime and ask for a potato, it isn't like they grow in the ground. {NOTE FROM DEMON FLASH BANDIT: They do, in fact, grow in the ground, but maybe parents back then didn't know that. There have been many important scientific discoveries made since Mommy was a child.} Anyway, the debate between Jeff and Mommy reached a stalemate, and both decided that it really didn't matter what the other thought. However, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Potato Head family for starring in the motion picture, Toy Story 3. They both did a great job, and I hope that they go on to star in more films. Talent like theirs should not go to waste.

Demon Flash Bandit (Does Not Think Jennifer Anniston Looks Like Mrs. Potato Head)

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