Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Toothpaste For This Dog!

I know it may sound like I am bragging, but fact is fact. I have very strong teeth. Most dogs have strong teeth. My teeth can chew through a dingo bone, rawhide bone, or the tire on a car. I could probably chew through steel if I gave it a try. On the other paw, humans have very, very weak teeth. You might ask, Demon Flash Bandit, how do you know their teeth are weaker than ours? The answer is simple. Besides the obvious lack of them chewing on things like rawhide bones, they use something called tooth paste. Yes dogs, their teeth are so weak that they are always trying to make sure they don't fall out by pasting them onto their gums. Yes, it is weird if you ask me. This dog has good teeth and no use for toothpaste.

I have another important subject to ponder. Taco Bell does not sell bells. That just seems wrong to me. Why isn't it called Taco Tacos or Taco Restaurant? Why call it Taco Bell? Wouldn't you think that it was a store selling bells with that name? I know I do.

The latest update in the shooting of Bear Bear is that the shooter has PTSD, yet he is a police officer. Either they don't check out their employees very well or he just wanted to kill a dog that day. This dog is going with the latter.

Demon Flash Bandit (Humans Have to Keep Teeth with Toothpaste)

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  1. And not just a dog...

    A noble Siberian...

    Maybe we should test our teeth...

    PeeEssWoo: 'Dairy Queen' doesn't sell dairies OR 'queens'