Monday, August 30, 2010

Were 8 Track Tapes a Gift of Alien Technology?

While doing research for my blog, I came across an interesting article written by Jean Erhardt. This article is about the possible connection that 8 track tapes had to UFOs. It suggests that 8 track tapes were the result of alien technology. Of course, there is no way for me to prove this theory, but it seemed like an interesting one to write about. In fact, I think it will help put the humans' mind at ease considering possible alien invasion. If the best they could give the humans is 8 track tapes, I think the world is safe. I had to ask Mommy what they were since I have personally never seen one. She said that they were something that were popular in the 70s, but the big problem was that they have different tracks. The different tracks made it difficult to switch them to the exact song you wanted to hear so many times you were forced to listen to a lot of music you didn't really want to hear. It turns out that many of the songs on albums, tapes, and cds are songs most of the humans seldom listen to. I'm assuming this is what helped make cds so popular since you could pick the song you want with the push of a button. With time, the tracks tended to blend together which annoyed most of the humans except for one of Daddy's friends who thought the new blended sound was "cool". I don't think he was on drugs, but just that statement should raise suspicions.

This dog can't say definitively if there are UFOs. I hope there is intelligent life on other planets, because from what I've observed of the human species, there isn't much intelligent life here on Earth. It would definitely not surprise me if aliens have visited Earth, and if so, maybe they did give the humans 8 track tape technology as some kind of cosmic joke. I can see them sitting in their space ships watching the humans listening to the tapes, and saying things like"

Yezo: Yeah, look at them....they think 8 track tapes are so wonderful...
Jeckter: It takes so little to impress the Earthlings.

I wonder if you play an 8 track tape, and wait long enough, will you get a message from aliens. I think you would get a message from them to buy a cd player. The joke has probably gotten old by now.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing the 8 Track Tape, UFO Connection)

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  1. Mom and a furiend of hers realise they probably have some releases on all four varieties!

    She does think she did manage to pitch her 8 trakhk tapes -

    That gave her room fur the zillion albums she has -