Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Royal Snakespearean Theatre---Snakes on a Plane

Today's blog is dedicated to giving credit to a lot of hard working actors and actresses from a movie made in 2006, and that movie is Snakes on a Plane. This dog is not a fan of snakes, and neither were the passengers on the plane which had more snakes than human passengers. I know many of us aren't fond of snakes, but does this mean that they shouldn't get credit for their accomplishments? I think not. Therefore, this dog is going to give them credit for their contribution to that movie. Three of the snakes in the movie were nominated for Oscars in previous movies. Veronica Viper was nominated for her work in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Bob Boa was nominated for that classic scene in Romancing the Stone. Connie Cobra was nominated for her wonderful performance in the movie, The Scorpion King. Sadly, although they did receive nominations for an Oscar, none of them actually won an Oscar which I suspect is because of the continuing prejudice against snakes by members of the Academy. I might add that all the snakes that were in the movie were well respected by their peers since all of them are members of the Royal Snakespearean Theatre. For those who are into classic theatre, you should see them in Hamlet. When the snake who plays Hamlet asks "to slither or not to slither, that is the question", I have yet to see a human actor who can put so much passion into the line. Sadly, despite all the snake talent, Snakes on a Plane suffered from the humans' prejudice against snakes, and if not for that prejudice, I'm sure the movie would have sold more tickets than the Titanic. I am glad that I could give the snakes their well deserved recognition even if I don't want to meet up with one of them personally.

Demon Flash Bandit (Giving Snakes on Snakes on a Plane Proper Credit)

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