Monday, June 21, 2010

Dinosaur Bones and the Carnegie Museum

I have been thinking about where I would like to go on vacation. My natural choice was Alaska, but then I remembered hearing the humans talk about a delightful place called the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Therefore, I have decided on my destination: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Carnegie Museum happens to have an impressive collection of dinosaur bones. My humans have been there, and I have heard them talk about it so I got on the Internet and did some research. It turns out that the museum has all sorts of dinosaur bones. Yes, dinosaur bones--what dog wouldn't enjoy going there? I have yet to meet a dog with teeth who doesn't enjoy a good bone. If fact, if a dog doesn't have teeth, I'm sure he would want a bone that is ground up so he can eat it--kind of like baby food for dogs. However, I'm not writing this to discuss treats for elderly dogs, I am writing about dinosaur bones. Sure, the humans go there to learn more about dinosaurs. All I need to know is that they have bones. I am thinking that while the humans are walking around looking at the other things the museum has to offer, I could settle down and enjoy a tasty dinosaur bone. I plan to be there on July 10, 2010 for Polar Day when the museum has scheduled activities relating to the icy north--bones and my favorite climate! Yes, a vacation dream come true for a dog!!!! The only thing that I'm concerned about is how a bone will taste after it has been buried for so long and then unearthed. I have talked to many dogs about this and some of them have had bones buried for several years, and they said that bones taste even better with time. I'm hoping this is true of dinosaur bones too. If so, they will be the most delicious bones on the planet. Aged bones: something that most dogs don't have the patience to manage---the dinosaurs have already achieved for us. I just hope that there isn't a point at which they become too old and start tasting bad. At least I will know, and I can tell the government to start putting expiration dates on a dog's bones. I am only too happy to do the research for the government on this subject. My study shouldn't cost more than a million dollars which is a real bargain compared to most government studies.

Demon Flash Bandit (Scientific Dog)

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