Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burger King--Burgers For Royalty and Dog Toys for Children

Burger King, the wonderful restaurant that makes my favorite hamburgers is now giving out toys with their children's meals and they are dogs from the movie, Marmaduke. I am so pleased with Burger King's good taste-both in making my delicious burgers and in promoting a wonderful dog movie. Mommy has yet to see the movie, but I'm sure she will see it soon. What human could pass up seeing a movie with dogs starring in it? Sure, a few of the stupid humans with bad taste won't see it, but who cares what they think? I know I don't.

It is about time I blogged about the greatest food ever served to dogkind. It is only appropriate that their mascot is a king because their burgers are good enough for royalty--unlike one of their competitors that chose a stupid clown to promote their company. I feel it is wrong to mention names, but if I had to choose between a burger that a king likes and one a clown likes, there would be no contest. You know the king is going to get the best burger. However, I do enjoy the ice cream and bacon at the clown's restaurant so they aren't all bad. This dog is not picky when it comes to ice cream except that I prefer it in a sundae cup. One time Mommy dipped it out of a regular ice cream container, and I refused to eat it. I do not like to be given cheaper alternatives. Anyway, Burger King, you have the Demon Flash Bandit seal of approval, and I have a cool photo of myself wearing one of your crowns and eating one of your burgers that you can have for advertising if you would slip a dog a couple of extra burgers. We don't have to tell the humans about the deal......I don't want to share.LOL

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves Burger King)

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