Saturday, June 12, 2010

Make Your Own Candy Bar---Isn't That Work?

When I read that Hershey is opening a new attraction for those who love chocolate, I was excited. I have occasionally managed to grab a bite of that wonderful concoction, and it is delicious. I have a personal theory that the reason the humans say it is bad for dogs is because they are hoarding all of it for themselves. In fact, if I could get my paws on the chocolate supply, I would tell the humans it is good for dogs, but not good for them. Okay, that probably wouldn't stop most of them, but a dog can try. Hershey's Factory Works will allow a person to put on an apron and hair net, and make their own candy bar. They can add up to 3 ingredients and and then it is drenched in chocolate, and you can add little Hershey kisses shaped sprinkles. The candy is then allowed to cool and is packaged in a custom package. Sure, it sounds good, and the process could be a lot of fun, but the cost if $14.95. When this dog read that, I knew it was not for me. Why should I "work" and "make my own candy bar" which I will have to pay $14.95 for when I can go to the store, and get a candy bar that someone else has put the work into for $1.00 or less? Some dogs may not be good in math, but that means I could get about 15 candy bars for the price of one, and I don't care if they put my handsome face on the package......I'm still going to open it and eat the candy. Do you think a dog is going to smell some tasty food, and not want to eat it? If you have ever tried to open a candy bar with your paws, and I have, it isn't easy. As I said, I have managed to help myself because they were just sitting in a cabinet and all a dog had to do was climb on a chair and open a cabinet door which meant that the humans had obviously meant for me to help myself. (By the way, I didn't get sick, but the humans did confiscate it before I could eat very much of it--amid my protests.) Anyway, when a dog goes to open a candy bar, paws are not as agile as human hands, so you usually have to use your teeth to help you open it, and let's just say, the packaging tends to get messed up in the process. The other day Angel Zoom Smokey opened a box of milkbones and there were cardboard bits everywhere, and milkbones all over the floor. It was like hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas--only the prize was better than money.

I have a happy announcement to make. Mommy found a sale on Bit o Luv chicken flavor so she bought a lot of them. The party is at my house......BYOB (Bring Your Own Bone....I'm not Sharing Mine.)

Demon Flash Bandit (If I Have to Work, I Want the Item Cheaper!)

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