Friday, June 11, 2010

Twilight Remake, Elvis Potato Head, and My Plan to Clean up the Gulf Oil Spill

I was a bit surprised at the announcement that there is going to be a remake of the movie, Twilight. The studio has finally gotten a true star to play the part of the vampire--Count Chocula. Now the movie makes sense because no girl could resist the chocolaty charms of count Chocula. The werewolf has been replaced by, yes get ready for it, Frankenberry. I would have no problem going to see this movie at the theatre. It finally makes sense. I can understand how a girl would have a tough time choosing between those two handsome leading men. I predict that this movie will be a major blockbuster. This is one romantic movie this dog would love to see. In addition to winning Bella's heart (that is the girl's name, isn't it?), they could win her tummy too. I know that works good for us dogs. If I like the food, I tend to like the human who gave it to me. My prediction is that Bella will choose Count Chocula because chocolate is usually more popular than strawberries. At least that is what I have surmised in listening to the humans talk. I do predict that both of the men are in trouble if a new guy shows up with chocolate covered strawberries. However, that is unlikely to happen because, when a studio has to pay the kind of exorbitant salary required by stars of the calibre of Count Chocula and Frankenberry, I doubt that they will want to run the movie budget up more by adding yet another high priced star.

I am going to add that my blogs, as usual, are important. I wrote a blog on May 24, entitled, "Greatest Secret Agent and Master of Disguise" about Perchival Potato Head and the whole Potato Head clan. Today, the Internet news was covering the big story on Elvis Potato Head. Yes, this dog likes to write about the most relevant, up to the minute, information available. On a personal note, Burger King put cheese on my last burgers which is unacceptable. Fast food cheese does not meet up with my culinary standards. I wonder how that piece of Demon Flash Bandit information missed the news desk. They must have been busy with some other story and they missed a big news item. In addition to writing news stories, I also like to offer solutions to big problems. The oil spill in the Gulf is a big problem at the moment. I wouldn't have allowed them to drill unless they knew how to fix a potential leak. However, even though they didn't check with me in advance and now it is a big problem, this dog has, once again, came up with a solution. Everybody can pull their cars on the beach and fill up their tanks directly from the Gulf. The cars get free gas, the gulf get cleaned up, and it is a win/win situation for drivers and clean up crew. It is a shame the humans can't come up with practical ideas like us dogs do. I guess I'll have to run for President again, and this time, they had better include me on the ballot.

Demon Flash Bandit (Would Actually Be Willing to See the Twilight Remake)

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  1. My dear Demon Flash Bandit. Thank's for the laugh ! My day was cat poo until I read your entry. If Canadians can vote for USA President, I will vote for you. Josee