Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Arch Emeny: The Flea!

Today I am going to discuss one of a dog's natural enemies: the flea. I have yet to meet a human who likes the little creatures, and yet they still live. You would think that the humans would have found a way to eradicate them by now even if they destroy the entire planet in the process. It isn't like that has ever stopped the humans from a task in the past. Usually, humans decide something needs to be done and it gets done even if doing it might not be the best thing for them. I can't tell you how many times I have watched the humans slather themselves with insect repellent before going outside. I always wonder--what is worse--the insect who might bite once and cause some itchiness or the insecticide that might end up being poison to the human down the road?

I think the reason that humans haven't killed off our arch enemy, the flea, is because they enjoy the circuses that entertain them with flea antics. I decided to interview one of the fleas in a flea circus to see what life is like for the fleas who don't bother dogs, but choose to entertain the masses. The flea's name is Peter.

Demon Flash Bandit: Hello Peter. Do you enjoy working in the flea circus?

Peter: I would prefer to suck the blood from a dog.

Demon Flash Bandit: Get away from me you little vampire.

That interview didn't go well. I managed to get away, but I think this proves my point about fleas being worthless, annoying creatures. I do hate to report that you can see Peter in an upcoming Twilight movie sequel. Peter plays another vampire love interest for Bella. The sequel is called, Love at First Bite.....wait a minute that is a good vampire movie. The sequel is called Twilight 3: For those who saw 1 and 2.

Back to the subject of fleas. Peter is not the only famous flea in the world. One of the musicians in the Red Hot Chili Peppers decided to use an "ironic name", Flea. Who would expect a flea to be named Flea? I guess he must be a talented flea to be in a band. I guess dogs are not allowed at their performances because if we were, the concert would end early and they would have lots of angry fans wanting their money back. Fleas just can't resist a dog.

There are a few business fleas too which are the entrepreneurs who invented flea markets. There are flea markets all over the country so they have done very well with the concept. In fact, I have yet to understand why people will go to the markets to buy fleas, but the humans aren't the smartest species on the planet. I can guarantee that this dog would never purchase a flea. Why would I want one?

Perhaps that is why the humans haven't eradicated the fleas yet. They probably feel stupid that they are trying to kill something they spent good money for at the flea market.

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Flea Fan)

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