Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ice Blanket-Wonderful Invention

Mommy brought home a product that this dog truly loves. It is called an ice blanket, and when it comes out of the freezer, it makes a dog feel like he is spending a day in Alaska. I'm sure there are some dogs who won't appreciate the cold, but if a dog is a Siberian Husky, like myself, cold is something we love. Mother Nature is not being very cooperative with the weather now. It isn't like those lovely days in January when there is snow on the ground, and a dog can get cold just by stepping outside. Now the temperatures have gotten hot and I'm not a fan. Sure, I put up with heat, and I always spend a lot of time thanking that wonderful human who invented central air conditioning, but it just is not like a wonderful day in January. The ice blanket was meant for ice chests and coolers, but Mommy puts in in the freezer and when it gets super cold, she lays it on me while I am resting, and I LOVE the feel of the ice. I think it is a touch of heaven right here on Earth. It is supposed to be non toxic, but Mommy only puts it on me when she is around just in case I decide to eat it and it isn't non toxic.

I saw in the news that a fellow dog, Snoop Dogg, is President of the Serious Pimp clothing line. It is good to see a fellow dog do well. Most dogs who are successful usually have to turn to show business--like DJ and Cody who played Demon in Snow Dogs. Daddy had to have a blue eyed husky who looked like Demon after he saw Snow Dogs which is how I came to live with my humans so I have to say that I am so grateful Disney made that movie. However, a dog does like to have more career choices than being a movie star. I think that opens the door for dogs like myself to be taken more seriously in the world of business. Sure, show business is great, but not all dogs want to chase a chuckwagon through the kitchen. Some of us have bigger plans.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, and before I conclude this blog, I have a few important things to share with my readers: arf, bark, howl, yap, yap, arf. Yes, it is nice that the humans can't understand dog.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Prefers Cold Weather)

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