Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gatorland: A Wonderful Place to Visit

Before I start with today's blog entry, I would like to tell you that when I interviewed Phineas T. Pineapple yesterday, I discovered that he had exaggerated his beginnings. Pineapples do not grow on trees. However, I won't hold it against him because, from my research, the rest of his life checks out; and he was so young at the time that he may honestly not remember. I also suspect he listens to much to his uncle, Phillip T (The) Pineapple, and his uncle is a bit eccentric.

Today's blog is about a place my humans visited a few years back in Orlando, Florida--Gatorland. I doubt that dogs are allowed and at least I can understand that since we dogs have big teeth, and we might scare the gators. They might be offended if us dogs are walking around calling them snack food. Anyway, it is a very cool attraction, and you know it has to be to compete with DisneyWorld and Universal theme parks. I suspect my brothers liked it better-or at least just as much. Since I have credentials as a journalist, I was able to get a video inteview with one of the gators, Her name is Gertrude, and I want to share that interview with my readers.

Demon Flash Bandit: Gertrude, it is so nice to meet you. Do you like living at Gatorland?

Gertrude, As a matter of fact, I do.

Demon Flash Bandit: My personal preference is a cold climate like Alaska. Do you think you would like it there?

Gertrude: No, we gators like to live where it is warm, but I'm sure Alaska is a nice place for a Siberian husky like yourself.

Demon Flash Bandit: Tell me about your life as a young gator.

Gertrude: I was born in a swamp in Louisiana.

Demon Flash Bandit: Why did you come to Florida?

Gertrude: I came here when Disneyworld opened. I thought there would be work for an alligator there since the park is owned and run by a mouse.

Demon Flash Bandit:
How did that work out for you?

Gertrude: It didn't. It seems that humans have a lot power in running Disney's parks, and they said they had no need for an alligator. I thought they could at least hire me for photo ops with the tourists. Anyway, I went down the road and got a job here at Gatorland and I have been here ever since.

Demon Flash Bandit: Why do you think that you gators have such a bad reputation among some of the humans?

Gertrude: I think they are scared of us because they think they might become our dinner.

Demon Flash Bandit: Yes, I guess that would cause that kind of reaction. Do you like humans?

Gertrude. Yes, they are particularly good with ketchup.

Demon Flash Bandit: It is time to go now. I do hope you continue to live a happy life there in Gatorland.
End of Interview

Note: I'm not so sure that this dog will visit there since Gertrude has several bottles of ketchup in her paws.

I was just joking about the ketchup. Gatorland is a safe place to visit because the gators can't really get to the humans so even if the gator has a bottle of ketchup when you are there, don't worry, the gator is only dreaming.....he or she can't reach you.

By the way, there is also a store at Gatorland where you can buy gator themed items, but just so you know, you cannot buy an actual gator there no matter how much you want one.

For those who would like further information about Gatorland, the web address is;
My humans really did enjoy this attraction, and they highly recommend it for those visiting Orlando.

Demon Flash Bandit (Vacation Ideas for Humans and Dogs)

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