Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ebay: The Place I Look for Ancient Antiquities

Today I read a wonderful story on Pawnation about a young King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Ellie, who is blind, and Leo, the German Shepherd who has voluntarily became her seeing eye dog. Leo is such a sweet dog to watch out for his little friend. They are hoping to raise enough money to do surgery so Ellie can see again, but until then, I am happy she has Leo to watch out for her.

I also write a diary entry on everyday (to read it, you just put my name, Demon Flash Bandit, into the search engine on dogster). I have not mentioned Gahiji on this blog, but Gahiji is an ancient Egyptian dog who lives with his human, Habibah, in ancient Egypt. I sometimes share his diaries on Dogster, and since I don't want to do a lot of repeating, I probably won't share his entries on here. However, I am mentioning it to tell you what wonderful treasures you can find on Ebay. Yes, that is where I got Gahiji's diary. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that there was an ancient dog diary listed and at a very reasonable price that I couldn't resist. Usually you have to go to a garage sale to find ancient antiquities of comparable quality. I do have a collection of ancient dog diaries. It seems that dogs have been observing and commenting on their lives for centuries now. Anyway, there is no end to the unusual items a dog can find on Ebay. For example, last October, you could buy a haunted hotel in New Mexico. I don't think it sold, but I can't understand why--who wouldn't want to own a haunted hotel? Today I found a couple of interesting items because, it takes a dog to find the interesting stuff. For a starting bid of $8.99, you can own an acre of real estate on the moon. It turns out that due to a treaty among the nations at the United Nations, no govt. can own land on the moon so this would be perfect for those who are fed up with big government and taxes. I'm surprised many of the tea party supporters haven't already bought up large parcels--and the land is such a bargain. All you have to do is get over that little no oxygen and gravity problem. However, to be able to live tax free--it has to be a dream come true for a lot of humans. Let's not forget the more important items that can be purchased. There is 2 bids on "happiness: which is up to $1.02. You would think humans would be willing to pay more for happiness, but my humans aren't bidding on this item either. I think they are a bit too cynical to think that a certificate that says you are happy won't work. For my readers who aren't as cynical, if you act fast, you might be the high bidder for a lifetime of happiness--okay maybe it does have a time limit. I have to admit that I didn't read the entire description. There are so many cool things on Ebay including 2 items that caught my eye thanks to Gahiji. One is a Stargate model of Ra, and one is a mummy model kit. To be fair, they didn't catch my eye on Ebay because they are sitting in the computer room but they are listed on Ebay. I might add that Tails of the Tundra, a Siberian husky rescue group in Pennsylvania will be having one of their fund raising auctions on ebay so, if you like huskies, it is worth checking out their items. They usually have a lot of cool husky themed stuff. The last time Mommy got several things including a door hanger that says "Husky Escape Route". How did they know?

Demon Flash Bandit (Collector of Ancient Atiquities)

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