Monday, June 14, 2010

Fisher Price Cheer for me Toilet

If a home is blessed with a toddler, the day will inevitably come when these small humans will have to be housebroken, or in the terms of humans, potty trained. Normally, this would be a subject that a dog would not bother to write a blog about, but when I happened to be ripping up some newspaper ads, and I saw a picture of a sale item at the local Meijer store which was called a "happy potty chair". The potty chair looks like a small toilet, and the lid even has a smiley face. Officially it is called the Cheer for me Toilet, and it is made by Fisher Price. Why am I writing a blog about a potty chair? There is an important reason that this dog has chosen to cover this topic today. I personally was housebroken with applause, but I'm a dog. We are talking about human children here, and if you ask this dog, the humans get enough cheering as it is. Is it really sending the right message to a toddler that there should be cheering when the child has used the potty chair. What is next? Adult toilets with recorded happy messages to make the humans feel good about their latest accomplishment. This dog thinks that humans already think too highly of themselves. It isn't like if they work really hard and do everything right, they can become dogs--they are stuck at a much lower rung of evolution.

Pawnation ran a photo of a piglet wearing boots. The piglet looks miserable, and I felt so bad for him. I hope none of my humans decide to put booties on me.

Demon Flash Bandit (Does a Potty Chair Really Need to Cheer?)

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