Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Captain Porthos--Soon to be Admiral Porthos!

Mommy and me have been watching the old television show, Enterprise, and I want to tell you that my favorite character on the show is the captain, Capt. Porthos. Capt Porthos is the best captain ever to be put in charge of a starship. If the show was still on the air, I think he would be an Admiral by now. The reason I am so happy to see Porthos as Captain of the Starship Enterprise is that finally, a dog has reached a position of power in Star Fleet. With his outstanding performance, I'm sure other dogs will be put in similar positions of power. Finally, dogs are getting some of the recognition they deserve. It made me happy to watch the show. Enterprise, as usual, you are a great television show.

Demon Flash Bandit (Writing About Captain Porthos)


  1. Dear Demon, I am soo sorry to tell you that Captain Portos has diseappear. It happened during a experimental transport. You can have the details in the last "Star Trek" the movie. :o(

  2. I have good news. Captain Porthos is alive and well, and his re-materialization just didn't make it into the movie. Jeff says the writers say that Porthos will be in an upcoming movie or television show. This is one advantage to having a nerdy brother who keeps up with such details. I think the studio was just too cheap to pay the beagle who plays Capt. Porthos in the movie. Dogs don't work as cheap as humans. All us dogs know that humans are basically worthless but we love them anyway.LOL

  3. Thanks for the good news ! I kind of love that Porto beagle. But don't worry, not as much as I love you Demon. Your fan Josee