Sunday, April 2, 2017


The latest news from the business world:  Caterpillar Inc. Is closing it's Aurora, Illinois plant. This action will  leave 800 people without jobs. I'll admit I was surprised to learn that caterpillars are manufactured by the humans.  I thought they were natural worm type creatures.  I also did not think that humans were capable of making something as beautiful as a butterfly.   Never let it be said that this dog doesn't admit when the humans can do something amazing.  My heart goes out to the humans who will be put out of work.  I hope they find equivalent or better jobs.  Wasn't the squirrel hair guy supposed to stop that sort of thing.  I asked humom, and she said most human politicians don't keep promises.  This is why dogs should be running things.  For further information about caterpillars go to this link:

Demon Flash Bandit

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