Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombies in the News

I have written several blogs dealing with zombies and today I see that there was a zombie attack in Miami, Florida. A naked man was biting the face off of another man, and he would not stop until a policeman shot and killed him. Since a zombie is an "undead" human who goes around eating other humans, this man fulfills the definition of a zombie. Here is the link so you can read about it for yourself:

This brings up another subject that I have mentioned in a past blog: zombie insurance. I'm sure most of my readers laughed at the idea, but now I bet it doesn't seem quite so funny, does it? I doubt that regular insurance covers zombie attacks so, having special zombie insurance makes a lot more sense now that there is a zombie attack in the news. Sure, it is still unlikely that most people will be attacked by a zombie, but how many want to take that risk? For those who want to be safe, here is the link for zombie insurance. Tell them Demon Flash Bandit sent you....I love saying that.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and I hope you don't run into any zombies!

Demon Flash Bandit (Reporting Zombies in the News)

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