Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trilogy Movie Review: The Napkins (Series)

Today I am going to do a movie review of 3 movies--The Napkin Trilogy-which have been such a major success at the box office. Everyone wants to see these movies, and who can blame them? They are 3 of the best movies Hollywood has ever made!

Napkins 1: The Clean-Up

Alien space napkins come to Earth to clean the planet. They give up and return to their home planet.

Napkins 2: The Return of the Napkins

After they return home due to the hopelessness of trying to clean Earth, they decide to return to try once again to clean the planet.

Napkins 3: the Final Stand

After 20 years of cleaning the planet, the napkins finally give up completely and return to their home planet, Urcleanus.

I'm not saying that a Napkins 4 is not possible, but I seriously doubt that the studio will want to make another one.

Next time you pick up a napkin to wipe off some food on your face, look closely at that napkin to make sure it isn't a space alien!

I have been given the da Liebster award by my pal and fellow blooger, Whitley Westie. I will be posting more about this in the next day or two--when my computer illerate Mommy finds out how to link stuff. Mommy says that when she was in school, they were taught to type on non-electric typewriters. I don't think any such thing exists so I suspect she is lying to me. You know how the older humans are....we used to have to walk through 20 inches of snow to get to school, and we lived in the tropics. The oldsters sure love to exaggerate all the horror they had to go through as children! I would hire a more computer savvy secretary, but Mommy works free so I can't beat her price.

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Review: The Napkin Trilogy)

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