Monday, May 7, 2012

One Crazy, Zooming Dog!

Today I am going to write about Angel Zoom Smokey, my adopted Siberian Husky sister. I want everyone to know that she is adopted because, although she looks a lot like me, she is one crazy dog! When the humans come home, she goes nuts. I stand back and let the humans enter the house, and I am very polite with my greeting. I let them get in, and then I calmly allow them to pet me and love me. Angel zooms through the house practically knocking the humans down and I strongly suspect they don't enjoy her greeting. If they did, Mommy would not be telling her to calm down. Does she listen? Of course not...she is too busy zooming through the house. I'm not saying that perhaps naming her Angel ZOOM Smokey isn't part of the problem, but I don't really think the humans meant for her to live up the the name literally. She certainly does not live up to the name, ANGEL, literally. Just yesterday, there were 2 dingo bones for us, and I was planning to have both of them, but she took one when the humans gave it to her. A true Angel would have allowed me to have it because angels are supposed to be generous and kind. However, she kept it for herself. I don't know why the humans got her to keep me company. I was happy as an only dog!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Wonderful Dog)

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