Friday, May 11, 2012

Sky King Arrests Criminals

It has been a real challenge to decide what to write a blog about today. I could write about Bristol Palin criticizing President Obama for his opinions. However, considering my opinion of Bristol Palin and how she has lived her life, I am going to write about something far more important--Sky King. Sky King was a radio show that became a television show in the early days of television. It is the story of a pilot, and his plane, Songbird, that he used to chase down criminals and bring them to justice. He lived on the Flying Crown Ranch near the ficticious town of Grover, Arizona. Grover may have been a small town, but there were plenty of criminals hanging out there. Judging from all the arrests, you would think that Grover must have the FBI hanging out there all the time because there are so many criminals there. Mommy was watching a dvd of the old show, and I had to watch it too. One episode she watched was great. It starred a dog whose character's name was Barney. He was a seeing eye dog who did a great job as a detective. Sky King had the help of his niece, Penny. As time when on, and she became a better pilot, she got promotions and her name now is Dollar. The episodes I watched were in black and white and I don't think they were filmed in high definition because the pictures weren't that clear. Evidently, the humans' early films were not as advanced as those of today. I guess they didn't have dogs inventing things for them back then and had to depend upon their own minds...and you have to remember a dog's motto: Humans: Can They Get Any Dumber? We never answer this because, quite frankly, we are afraid to answer it.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog King)

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