Friday, May 25, 2012

Aunt Millies Bread: Baked by a Dog!

There is a bakery brand at the supermarket here called Aunt Millies. I wasn't aware I had an Aunt Millie until I read the label on the bread bag. Being a friendly dog, I was pleased to have discovered a new relative in my family. The only thing I don't understand is why Aunt Millie looks human and why is she not baking dog treats? Since I'm a dog, and she is my aunt, she has to be a dog. I don't have any human relatives except for the ones I've adopted. This caused me a bit of frustration until I realized that it is a clever ad campaign. The humans like to think that a human is running the company and baking the bread. They have big egos and think they can do things better than a dog, which is course, is erroneous thinking. However, you have to expect the humans' thinking to be stupid because they don't possess the superior dog brain. I am planning to write Aunt Millie a letter asking that she start baking dog treats. She can keep her pseudo identity because we dogs don't really care whose "photo" is on the packaging...we only care about the treats. I look forward to getting some delicious dog bakery treats from Aunt Millie....I'm sure she will be happy to start baking dog treats too!

Demon Flash Bandit (Aunt Millie's Nephew Dog)

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