Friday, May 4, 2012

Mowing and Landscaping Crocodile Elvis!

I have a web address to share with my readers today involving a crocodile named Elvis in Australia. Elvis is an enterprising crocodile who plans to start his own lawn service. This is why he needed to drag a lawn mower into his lagoon. I hope his new business does well, and I think he has chosen wisely because, to my knowledge, there are no crocodiles running lawn services or doing landscaping or gardening. Besides, if he goes up to a human's door to ask if they want to use his lawn service, after one look at his teeth, my guess is that most of the humans would hire him. I know I would. I have some good teeth, but my teeth still aren't quite as big and powerful as the ones on a crocodile. If he would be willing to dress up as an Elvis impersonator while he mows, he could probably make a fortune. There are lots of Elvis impersonaltors, but I don't think there is one crocodile Elvis impersonator. My personal congratulations to this enterprising reptile. I hope his new business does well!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Approves of Crocodile's New Business Plan)

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