Monday, May 14, 2012

Diamond Jubilee and Willis Sausage

I was just reading about the Diamond Jubilee that Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating in Great Britain. I know the humans are fond of diamonds, but to have events during the entire year dedicated to a gemstone is something that only the humans could do. Don't get me wrong--I know the humans like shiny things. However, if I were going to celebrate something, I would celebrate meat-particularly bacon! You can't eat a diamond. Okay, some people and dogs have, but diamonds don't taste good and they have no nutritional value. They can even make you sick if they get lodged somewhere.

My humans have been going to nearby Frankenmuth, Michigan for decades, and there is a place there that is a dog's dream come true. It is Willis Sausages, and they sell a lot of different meats. They have a website, and you can order on-line. I am going to share the site for those who might be interested in something different. They even have a potato sausage that they make themselves. I think that has to be very convenient for the humans--meat and potatoes are already together so that you only have to make one thing instead of two. Here is the address:

If you are able to visit there in person, you won't be disappointed. My humans always stop in there when they go to Frankenmuth. Sadly, dogs are not allowed!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Willis Sausage)

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