Saturday, May 19, 2012

Demon Flash Bandit at the Michigan ComicCon!

I am a lucky dog. I went to the Michigan ComicCon yesterday. I didn't want to be mobbed by my adoring fans so, since many of the humans dress in costume, I dressed as Superdog; and I was able to enjoy the show just like a regular dog. They had no idea that the famous blogger, Demon Flash Bandit, was among them. William Shatner has done the same thing so I am in good company. I got a couple of pawtographs, and I looked around. The toys they sold there were a bit of a disappointment. With the exception of a few items like a Brian the Dog figure (from the television show, Family Guy), most of the toys weren't interesting. When I look for toys, I'm looking for squeaky toys or balls. I don't want to play with miniature "human" figures. Humans are boring and do boring things so why would I want to play with human figures? What can I do with a human action figure? Let it go to work to make seems like that is all most of them do with their lives. Since work does not seem to be fun, I have no idea why the humans spend so much time doing it, but I can only assume it is because they aren't dogs. If they were dogs, they would be smart enough to sit at home and nap instead of working.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Attended MI ComicCon)

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