Thursday, May 31, 2012

Demon Flash Bandit: Siberian Husky Action Figure

When the humans want a toy, they can always go to the big toy retailer like Toys R Us, but where do dogs go to get toys? Sure, there are plenty of stores that carry dog toys, but none that actually specialize in dog toys--at least no big mega-chain. Therefore, this dog thinks that there should be a new company: Dog Toys R Us. What if I want a limited edition collectible Uggie action figure from the movie, The Artist. None of the regular stores with a couple of aisles dedicated to dog toys would carry this. They have balls, bones, and squeaky toys, but what about those discriminating dogs who want to collect toys to decorate our houses? Where can we get those toys? In fact, since I'm a world famous blogger, you would think that there would be a Demon Flash Bandit action husky, but there is not. I know--I'm as shocked as my readers that I have not been approached with a contract to make my action husky figure. I think dog action figures would even be popular with the humans. Most humans like dogs, and we make the humans feel good so it seems to me that dog action figures are an idea whose time has come. For any of you big companies reading this blog, be sure and contact me. I am sure my action figure would be very popular (or pupular as us dogs put it).

Demon Flash Bandit (Wants Dog Action Figures)

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