Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dog Artist!

I'm sure many of my readers have contemplated buying some art work to make their homes more beautiful. There are many art subjects, but I have to admit that, in my opinion, the best painting you can add to an art collection is one of a dog. I'm not just saying that because I'm a dog myself, but because seeing a dog hanging on the wall in a painting makes everyone feel good-except maybe the family cat, and who cares what the cat thinks anyway? Whether the dog is sleeping, walking, running, eating, or sitting, the painting will make anyone who looks at it feel happier just for having viewed it. Of course, I have shared some of my own art work on my blog in the past so the next best thing to having art whose subject is a dog is to have art work that is painted by a dog. I want to share a website with my readers where they can purchase dog art. Be sure and tell the site that Demon Flash Bandit sent you. I always love it when my readers do that even though the site has no idea who I am. That is why I think it is funny. Here is the address:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Artist)

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