Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Strategy

I have devised a strategy to keep the trick or treaters out of the candy. It will take a little work on the part of Angel Zoom Smokey and myself, but keeping our candy safe is worth the effort. First, we are going to dig a big ditch around the house. This will be the enjoyable work since we like to dig anyway, and are very accomplished at it. Then we will fill it with water and put alligators in the water. If the human puppies manage to get through our moat, we will be standing in the window with bow and arrow ready to send a message to the little thieves. You don't come to our house expecting a dog's candy without consequences. This inspiration came when Jeff was watching Robin Hood, but we will have some machine guns backing us up in case the arrows aren't enough. Some human puppies can be quite persistent when it comes to getting candy. Of course, my humans know nothing about this plan. The humans are always happily giving away the candy when you think they would have enough sense to hoard it for themselves. After Howloween, I will send the gators to Gatorland in Orlando, FL so they can be with their relatives. They can come up and visit again next Howloween. I arranged all this with George the Gator who owns most of northern Florida judging by the souvenir shops that he owns along the expressway. By the way, I am suggesting to Mommy that she give out Mike and Ike's this year since that is one of my favorite candies.

Autumn is in the air and this brings a dog's mind to the Cider Mills. Why haven't we visited one yet? This dog could stand a couple of tasty doughnuts or an apple covered in fudge and caramel. Michigan does have delightfully tasty apple cider. I have never visited a cider mill, but I would love to go. I hope it isn't one of those annoying businesses that does not allow dogs. Since most of the doughnuts are eaten outside, I think a dog should be allowed. The health department can't exactly ban us from outside. This dog could use an outing.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves Candy)

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