Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating Dog---Happy Halloween!

The Pew Research Group, which consists of some very well educated skunks (thus the name Pew), surveyed 2,003 adult humans asking about their experience with the Paranormal. The percentage of humans who have seen a ghost was 18%, The percentage who had felt the touch of someone who has died was 29%. I'm not sure just how a human is supposed to know that the person touching them is actually dead if they can't see them. It would be more accurate if they could look around and say something to the effect, "wow, there is Uncle Jim.....he died 5 years ago, and now he is touching me". I can see how some of the humans can feel something and assume it is a dead person when it could be a dead bird for all they know. Birds are evil when they are alive. I am assuming that ghost birds have to be nasty too. They are probably touching humans and laughing about how easy it is to fool the humans. Anyway, since it is Halloween, I thought ghosts would make an interesting subject for today's blog. I think the survey was wrong. The adults who grew up watching Casper on television should have made the survey numbers much higher. I'm guessing at least 95% of the human adults in the United States saw Casper when they were children, and since Casper is a ghost, that would make the percentage of humans who have seen ghosts considerably higher. I'm not even taking into account other television shows and movies that feature ghosts. There was even a movie called Ghost, which was quite popular and widely watched. I think 100% of humans have seen ghosts which makes it nice for us dogs since we can see ghosts all the time, and we don't have to watch television to do so. The humans eyes, much like their noses are so inferior to that of their dogs. As usual, dogs rule!

On a happy note, those stupid Halloween costumes that Mommy bought for Angel Zoom Smokey and myself might not be so bad after all. I may not want to wear them, but I might just put on my "devil" outfit, put a bag in my mouth, and go out trick or treating myself. If the little deadbeats are going to steal the candy around here, this "Bandit" might have to go out and get his own. Sometimes a dog has to make sacrifices for the things he loves--and I LOVE CANDY!!!! I have to go now so I can practice saying trick or treat. I have already mastered a lot of human words so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Demon Flash Bandit (Trick or Treating Dog)

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