Monday, October 11, 2010

Bone Museum

With Halloween fast approaching, this dog has found a museum that would be great for the holiday--that place is the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Buy the way, osteology is the study of bones. This is a museum that any dog would be happy to visit. We do love bones. The museum has 400 skulls, 200 skeletons, a 40 foot Humpback Whale, a Kumodo Dragon, and a collection of 2 headed calves.

You might ask how the bones are prepared for the museum. The answer is that they use flesh eating beetles to strip the meat from carcasses and corpses. Although I do love bones, I think I would prefer to visit this museum via video. If the beetles eat human flesh, they might eat doggy flesh too, and this dog is not taking any chances at becoming a beetle's dinner. I doubt that my humans would take me to it anyway. I can't imagine them enjoying a museum of bones. For those of the humans who aren't squeamish about such things, it sounds like a museum that would be perfect to visit for Halloween. Just make sure that if you see any beetles, you don't let them out of the building.

Demon Flash Bandit (A Museum to Visit in Honor of Halloween)

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