Thursday, October 7, 2010

Corporate Greed--Not Global Concern

Some of the humans are concerned about global warming. This is a serious problem that might be fixed if only they listened to my words of wisdom and eradicated birds from the planet. Those little snow stealing varmints are the reason for global warming. Just think about it, what happens in spring when they start singing? The snow disappears. You don't honestly think it just vanishes, do you? It disappears because the birds steal it. I have mentioned this often, but the word is still not out in the human community. The humans think they can fix the problem by conserving and "going green" which brings me to today's topic. When companies "go green" how many of them are trying to help the planet (which can only be helped by getting rid of birds) or are they just using the whole concept to their advantage? Case in point: some hotels now don't wash the linens everyday because they are doing their part to conserve water and resources. Am I the only dog who thinks that they are being lazy and cheap? By cutting back on employees and the cost of laundering the linens, they save money. I know bedbugs are not caused by a lack of cleanliness, but it is an odd coincidence that when many hotels are not washing their linens as much, you start reading stories on the Internet about hotels having bedbugs? These bugs have all but disappeared for decades, and then suddenly, they are back. You know the bugs are lazy because they hang out in bed all day so getting rid of them shouldn't be that difficult. Probably all you need to do is offer them a job and they will be out of your life. Dirtier linens and possible bed bugs--not exactly a combination that makes a dog want to stay in a hotel.

Another corporate trend in the retail world is self check out in stores. Why would a human want to bother checking himself out so that the store can save money by cutting back on cashiers? It isn't even like they offer you a 1% discount for doing the work yourself or anything. You still pay the normal price, and the prices have not gone down in the stores that have them. The customer just gets the added work of checking out his or her own items. The humans will put up with most anything, won't they? My humans still go to the cashiers to check out. They said they will not be a part of adding more humans to the unemployment line so some family like the ones who own Walmart can buy another airplane. I am very proud of my humans because they think like dogs at times. I have trained them well.

Demon Flash Bandit (Corporate Greed is Not Good)

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