Friday, October 29, 2010

Towns That Ban Trick or Treating

I just read that some towns in the United States are banning trick or treating on Halloween for children over the age of 12. This is supposed to avoid problems with teens. Mommy thinks this is stupid since teens are less likely to get into trouble if they are doing something. She even laughingly quoted her teachers when they used to say, "idle hands are the devils workshop" before giving their student stupid busy work to do that didn't really matter. I'll spare you her commentary on those teachers. They may have had a point in their reasoning, but they usually weren't the best teachers. I told her how could they sit at their desk and read the latest issue of Barely Legal or Teacher's Pet ( I suspect Mommy made up that one) magazines if the kids weren't busy? Okay, maybe I'm thinking of my dog trainer because every time I went to class, she had a copy of Barkly Legal magazine in her desk. This is why I insisted on being home schooled. I heard from some of my classmates how she really "loved" dogs. Sure, like many of the human children who are home schooled, it is much easier since my humans have no clue how to train dogs, but that is okay with me. I've been training them since I should be the one in charge anyway. However, the subject of this blog is not about the advantages of home schooling--you know, where a parent with a limited education decides to opt out of allowing people with advanced degrees to teach their kids so that they can pass their ignorance onto their offspring. (Sure, there are exceptions, but as a general rule, this is true of about 90% of home schooling.) This blog is about proper ages for trick or treating. Despite my humans more lenient attitude on this matter, this dog does not think the law goes far enough. I think trick or treating should be banned for all children because, as I have posted before, this dog hates it when the little deadbeats come to the door for candy handouts that could be eaten by this dog. What if they decide to come up with a meat handout, and the children come by wanting bacon and Burger King. I would have to put my paw down on that. No child is going to take my Burger King away from me. Perhaps I need to give the King of the Burgers a call. Some ideas need to be stopped before they are started. I'll write more tomorrow.

Demon Flash Bandit (Candy is Bad Enough--Stay Away from the Meat)

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