Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Don't See Us Picking up Their Poop

Turner Classic Movies has arranged a travelling exhibit entitled, Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood. This exhibit starts in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be travelling to various parts of the United States. It chronicles the history of fim-making from 1889-1969, and it features rare movie memorabilia like the dress Vivien Leigh wore in Gone With the Wind, an Oscar statuette, and a camera from the silent film era, among many other items. It is a interactive, multimedia display. I'm sure many of the humans will enjoy seeing this exhibit, but when I read the description, I didn't see any of the real stars featured. Sure, Judy Garland is mentioned for her role in The Wizard of Oz, but what about Toto, the true star of the show? That little dog was adorable. What about Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and King, the husky? Typical of the humans, they don't want to mention the dogs because they know how much more talented the dogs were than the humans. I suspect they cut it off in 1969 so they could leave out movies like Beethoven, Turner and Hooch, Snow Dogs, Eight Below, Hachi, Snow Buddies, the Air Bud franchise, etc. Humans just can't match us dogs in talent or intelligence so they try to leave us out of things. To quote a dog in a movie, "you don't see us picking up their (the humans) poop. Wiser words have not been uttered.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Are Superior)

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