Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Would a Human Want to be Associated with Birds?

My main mission in life if to warn the humans about birds. They are evil and plan to take over the planet. Perhaps if the humans watch Smallville, they will see what I am talking about. It seems that Lois has went to Egypt, and Superman asked Hawkman to watch over her. Hawkman ends up kissing her. What do you expect from a birdman? How many of you have heard of the Birdman of Alcatraz? He was in jail, and he liked birds. Just how much proof does a dog need to give before the humans realize just how serious this situation happens to be. I can only say that I do hope that Lois didn't catch bird flu or some other awful bird disease from Hawkman, and what birdbrain would be dumb enough to risk making Superman mad? You don't mess with Superman. Someone should tell Hawkman that.

Demon Flash Bandit (Superman Needs to Go After Hawkman)

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