Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dirt: It Loves Dogs

I was watching a video that was posted by one of my fellow bloggers, Gone to the Snow Dogs, and in this video, the dog, Shelby, had some dirt on her paws and mouth. Of course, the human jumped to the conclusion that Shelby had been a "bad dog". I am here to relate the story from a dog's point of view since I have seen this kind of thing happen many times in my lifetime. The human lets the dog go outside. The dog is innocently walking around the yard, maybe taking care of some kind of important doggy business, and making sure the neighborhood is safe. We dogs are always working at protecting our humans and what do we often get for our efforts? Humans telling us to quit barking is usually the outcome. Yeah, we are protecting them from every possible danger, and all they want is quiet. Don't blame the dog is a butterfly gets into the house and strangles a human in their sleep--we tried to warn them, but they wanted quiet. Anyway, the dog is just walking around the yard minding his or her own business when dirt attacks!!!! Yes, the dirt attacks the dog. The dog has nothing to do with it. It gets in the dog's mouth, it gets on his or her paws, and sometimes it even gets all over the dog's body. We dogs enjoy dirt so we understand that it is just trying to be pals with a dog so we don't want to get the dirt into trouble so we do what the humans ask us to do and keep it quiet. The dirt even jumps out of the Earth causing a hole so it will look like we have been digging. Humans, being of limited intelligence, always believe the dog was involved.

I might add that sometimes a dog does dig because a dog has farming to do. I myself have planted several bones, and when they grow into cows and pigs, there will be some good eating around here. Angel Zoom Smokey has a garden planted with chicken bones because chicken is her favorite food. If Burger King burgers had bones, I would definitely plant some of them. It would be great to go out and harvest my own burgers when I'm hungry.

I hope that other dogs and dirt are not mad at me for telling the true story of what happens when we go outside. I think it is about time it was told.

Demon Flash Bandit (Informer)

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