Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fur Party Rally

I personally don't think it is a coincidence that election day in the United States is so close after Halloween. My guess is that the founding fathers were sitting around the table trying to decide when to hold election day. One of them (I would guess Franklin) said, "since election day could be scary some years, why not make it shortly after Halloween because if the people have survived monsters coming to their door, some of the candidates won't seem quite so scary". On the subject of scary things, I think it only fair that I write about the Rally for Sanity/Fear that was held on the national mall yesterday. Jon Stewart from The Daily Show was the head of the Rally for Sanity. Personally, I think this is a tough one for the humans since, from this dog's observation, there are lots of insane humans. I can prove this by the fact that some humans don't own dogs and some only own cats. A rare few super insane ones have pet birds--yes, birds!!!! You can't get any more insane than that. Despite the many warnings I have issued about birds causing global warming, some humans even want them as pets. Yes, insanity is very prevalent among the humans.

The Rally for Fear led by Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report had more appeal for some of the humans. Some of the smarter humans have realized that, scientifically speaking, you can actually scare your way to power. The fear can be totally unfounded, but I guarantee that if you are running for a political office, and you announce that, if your opponent gets into office, aliens with chain saws will take over the planet killing all the inhabitants, a large percentage of the humans will vote for them. Some will even start building underground shelters in their back yards to protect them from the alien threat. As if aliens would come to Earth with chain saw technology. If they can invent a ship that travels across the galaxy, you know they will have better weapons than a chainsaw. This is why they can't return to sanity--they probably were never sane in the first place.

Glenn Beck was having a Rally for Restoring Honor at the Lincoln Memorial. Maybe he and Sarah Palin are missing honor in their lives, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of honorable people in the United States-but most of them aren't running for political office. Maybe he needs to meet some regular working citizens. By the way, he estimates that 500,000 attended his rally. My guess is that CBS, who hired professional group counters had it correct at 87,000, which is actually a lot of humans attending.

Rush Limbaugh said that the Rally for Sanity/Fear will build conservative voter turnout. and that people who attended the Rally for Sanity/Fear just came to listen to some half baked comedians. This dog thinks he is jealous that their comedy routines are better than his. Sure, he is funny, but just not as funny as they are. When he says they were there to smoke some "doobies", he probably knows what he is talking about. He has had some drug addiction problems of his own. Is it any wonder that this dog is a member of the Fur party? We had our own rally last night. It was the return to Burger King and Dingo Bones rally. We had dogs from all over the country come to our rally--the crowd was estimated at 100 milli0n. If the humans really want sensible government, and intelligent leadership: I say vote dog! Remember to vote for the Fur party. Of course, there is extreme prejudice against our party so we will be write in candidates, but imagine how much better the world would be if Demon Flash Bandit were the President. My slogan would be bacon and burgers for everyone. Who could resist that kind of campaign promise?

Demon Flash Bandit (Standing With the Fur Party)

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