Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Solve Yet Another Mystery

It never ceases to amuse this dog what the humans on the Internet will speculate about. Today's musings involve a silent "Charlie Chaplin" film made in 1928 in which an old lady has her hand to her ear, and many of the humans are assuming that she is a time traveller talking on a cell phone or she is an alien. Granted, these are interesting concepts, but if you see the photo, if she were a time traveler using a cell phone, she would not be dressed in such attire. The same goes for an alien--I'm sure they have more fashion sense than to dress like her. I can understand why she would wish she had a cell phone. She would likely be calling her agent to protest that the zebra had a bigger part in the movie than her. Perhaps she was on the phone complaining that she had been cast in a Charlie Chaplin silent movie. My theory is that it was the "wireless version" of Pony Express, and she was giving the zebra the message he was supposed to send to the intended recipient--as I said earlier-probably her agent. Since it was a silent film, what would be the point of talking anyway? It wasn't like the audience could hear her which might explain a lot. Do you know how much it disturbs actors when they don't have an actual speaking part? She was probably annoyed that the technology allowing her to speak on film was not invented yet. Sure, aliens do visit from time to time to pick up some carry out food or do some experiments on humans. I have seen this many times on movies. I suppose it depends on what planet they come from. I'm sure there are people who have travelled in time. I was watching the television show, The Office, and they had Benjamin Franklin on there in one episode. He had to travel in time to make that appearance so it was extra nice of him to be so considerate.

I think it is safe to conclude that the woman was not on a time traveller using a cell phone and she was not a space alien. Sure, she could have just been insane, but that is a far more logical conclusion that the ones many people are forming. We dogs know that the humans do tend to act crazy, but they can't help it--they aren't dogs!

Demon Flash Bandit (Commenting on The Circus)

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