Monday, October 18, 2010

Available to be Burger King Spokesdog

I read a news article that says that Burger King Corporation says that 85% of their 7,200 locations need a facelift. The facelift would cost about $500,000 per store. I want to know why the corporation is announcing this. What does the King think? Shouldn't he be the one to decide on something like that? I called his castle to see if I could get an interview, and he had no idea why that announcement would be made. If he wants it done, he will just make it a law and all the BK restaurants would have to do what the King says. I think these so called "corporate executives" are trying to upstage the Burger King, and I don't like it. They had better watch it since I did hear the King say that he might have to order them to be beheaded. You don't mess with the King!!!!! Anyway, it isn't that I really care if they remodel or not, but I do not want to see the price of my burgers go up because, if they do, the humans might get cheap and try to get me to eat the competitors burgers. This dog happens to prefer BK and I have refused to eat the competitors burgers. If BK wants to improve their market share, they need to hire me as their spokesdog. I will work for Burger King so that makes it convenient for them. You know the burgers are good if Demon Flash Bandit loves them! My opinion is so much more compelling that a facelift.

Demon Flash Bandit (Willing to be BK Spokesdog)

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