Friday, October 22, 2010

I'll Be a Lead Dog!

Things are going well for the Deemster! The fortune in my fortune cookies have been good (as were the fortune cookies themselves--I love those little cookies). I just read my horoscope, and it says that an idea I set in motion in the past will happen. I have had many wonderful ideas, but I have to assume that my ideas about saving my candy from the mooching human puppies who want to take my Halloween candy will catch on. It is Friday, and the weekend approaches which means very little to me since my weekends are very much like my weekdays, but some of the humans "live for the weekend". I think this shows how stupid the humans happen to be. They work all week, many of them at jobs they hate, and live for the weekend when they are off. If you ask me, they should just find jobs they like--if that is even possible. The very word, work, does not tend to give the image of anything fun happening there.

I have a major announcement that my readers are going to learn here first. Doesn't that make you feel privileged? I have decided to mush in the big Alaskan sled race, Iditarod. I will be the lead dog of my sled, and the next race will be a memorable one. Instead of mushing all that way through the wilderness, I will talk the other lead dogs into mushing to the local Burger King. I think it would make the race more enjoyable for the dogs, and it would definitely make Iditarod history. By the way, I hope each musher has enough money to pay Burger King for the food. I know I don't want to use my money to pay for food, and I'm sure the other dogs feel as strongly about this point as I do. Be sure and watch the race, and cheer for me and the other lead dogs as we go through the drive thru lane of Burger fact, I think we should be invited inside to eat. There will be a lot of us, and we do enjoy elegance too. It isn't just something for the humans.

Demon Flash Bandit (Iditarod to Burger King)

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  1. Yet ANOTHER post that reveals your khomplete and utter brilliance!